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The smoke of UFC253 cleared, but the carnival on Yas Island has just begun. In the next month, the UFC will present 4 consecutive matches, let this hot land continue to dry, we will also welcome the first Chinese player to land on the island, he is "Prairie Knight" Alatengheli.


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There is a game now, I definitely want to play.


Speaking of the race plan, Heili, who has always been calm, is anxious this time. Entering the UFC one year, Alatengheli won two games and two games, becoming the first Mongolian player to win a streak in UFC history, in excellent condition. For Heili, who is on the rise, the most important thing right now is to maintain a high frequency of competition.


I have been in a truce for 8 months and I want to play a game.


Everyone knows that the epidemic is very serious now, and the event schedule is also affected. But I can't wait any longer. One year passed, I wasted one year, two years passed, I wasted two years, time is too precious.


In April, I told my agent that I could play at any time. I have been training, and I am well prepared, waiting for news from the agent.


The pending state of the future lasted for 3 months. In July, Heili, who was working hard in Beijing, waited for good news: October Fighting Island, opponent Casey Kenny.

未来的待定状态持续了3个月。 7月,在北京努力工作的海莉(Heili)等待着好消息:10月的格斗岛(Fighting Island),对手凯西·肯尼(Casey Kenny)。

In July, I received news of the game. At that time, the UFC was hosting the game in Abu Dhabi, and I wanted to go to Fight Island. UFC matched me with Casey Kenny, and I immediately agreed.

7月,我收到了有关该游戏的消息。当时,UFC在阿布扎比主持比赛,而我想去战斗岛。 UFC将我与Casey Kenny配对,我立即同意。

When I took the game, I didn't know my new opponent. So I checked Casey Kenny's information on the Internet and found that he is a very comprehensive player, once in the top 15 in the weight class, now I am more interested.

当我参加比赛时,我不认识我的新对手。因此,我在网上检查了Casey Kenny的信息,发现他是一个非常全面的球员,曾经是举重类的前15名,现在我对此更加感兴趣。

Casey Kenny is a UFC "second-year student" as well as Heili. He is currently 3-1 in the octagonal cage. In his last game in May, he defeated veteran Louis Smoka with a guillotine, which is impressive. . Talking about the threat of this opponent, Heili's tone was full of confidence.

凯西·肯尼(Casey Kenny)和海里(Heili)都是UFC的“二年级学生”。他目前在八角笼中是3-1。在五月份的最后一场比赛中,他以断头台击败了老将路易斯·斯莫卡,令人印象深刻。 。谈到这个对手的威胁时,Heili的语气充满了信心。

Casey Kenny is a black belt in judo, very comprehensive. But his wrestling is not a threat to me, because my wrestling is already very good. In terms of standing, he is an anti-frame player, but I have also been practicing anti-frame now. He is not dangerous to me in all respects, and I am very confident in this game.

凯西·肯尼(Casey Kenny)是柔道的黑带,非常全面。但是他的摔角对我不是威胁,因为我的摔角已经非常好。就站位而言,他是一名反框球员,但我现在也一直在练习反框。他在所有方面对我都不是危险的,我对这场比赛非常有信心。

A powerful enemy is in front of him, and Heili and his preparation team dare not relax in the pandemic.


Due to the impact of the epidemic, this preparation was conducted in my own boxing gym in Beijing. I used to train at PI in Shanghai. Now is the preparation period, I have many friends who come to help, practice two a day, every day. I have prepared very well.


With the experience of two games, the black power is becoming more stable now, and the state of the whole person in the octagonal cage is getting more and more relaxed. Last year, the "baby face" Benoit in Busan really surprised fans.


I feel that my condition is very good. Whether it is physically or psychologically, I will not be so anxious. This is my third UFC game. I have won both in Shenzhen and Busan. Now I am more and more relaxed, I also practice a lot of new things, looking forward to the next game to show.


Looking at the entire UFC, the men's bantamweight competition in which Alateng Heili is located is fierce and is often referred to as the second "ghostweight" by fans. The world's top 135-pound elites are fighting for the rankings. Last year, Chinese player Song Yadong reached the top 15 ranking area with a wave of four consecutive victories. Now Heili also regards rankings as his goal at this stage.

纵观整个UFC,阿拉丁·海利(Alateng Heili)参加的男子最轻量级比赛比较激烈,通常被球迷称为第二轻量级比赛。世界排名前135磅的精英人士正在为排名而战。去年,中国选手宋亚东连续四次获胜,进入了排名前15位的地区。现在,Heili在此阶段还将排名作为他的目标。

I hope this game will end in a concluding way. I want to fully show my strength and enter the ranking smoothly through a victory.


No one commented, but quiet


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